About Us

Driven to Serve our Business Partners: Safe, Reliable, Smart

Founded in 1979, Starlite Trucking has grown into a full-service freight line, offering transportation of Frozen and Refrigerated, Harvest Operations, and Bulk Ingredients, as well as offering onsite staff & maintenance.

Starlite trucking is proud to be affiliated with the California Trucking Association and the American Trucking Association. We adhere to the state federal Department of Transportation regulations.

 Leadership, Strength and Tradition


CEO Colby Bell is the Chairman of the California Trucking Association San Joaquin Unit, as well as serving on the CTA Executive Council, working closely with officials to ensure safety for companies, customers, and travelers on the road.

Through this experience, Colby is able to keep Starlite ahead of trends to insure that we are adapting in advance of any unfavorable trends.